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Doriatour gives you the chance to appreciate Italy in a totally new way compared to the well beaten tourist path. We invite you to immerse yourself in authentic Italian culture and tradition through the Italian people, language, landscape and food; and discover some of the best kept secrets on the journey.


We invite you to travel with us and experience new places, new cultures and new languages!


Doriatour is a family business with generations of qualified teachers and travellers. Because of this background we can show you as much as you want to experience during your journey and make sure that you enjoy the best that this special country has to offer.

We will tell you stories and teach you the secrets of Italy, its locations, its culture, its food, its drinks and its people, starting with our logo: not a compass but ‘la Rosa dei Venti’ (the Rose of the Winds), a nautical tool created during the Medieval period in Spain and widely used for sailing by wind in the Mediterranean Sea.


A special holiday for you guaranteed

We have designed this guided tour to guarantee a special holiday for you. The only decision you need to make is if you would like to join us. All the rest has been organised and designed by doriatour and we will take you to the beautiful Cinque Terre, a Unesco World Heritage area since 1997. These are unique journeys that will introduce you to new places, new people and new languages.

Family & Tradition

The accommodations are family owned, the restaurants you’ll visit are family-run, and our food is traditional and hand made. You will experience the real Italy.

Every day you will have Italian language instruction while you are visiting beautiful locations, drinking coffee, shopping, eating and, of course, drinking vino!

Guided by professional and award-winning chefs

While we were studying, exploring and visiting this stunning part of the Italy, we realised how genuine the food is – simple yet sophisticated. The basic ingredients are olive oil, herbs, fish and vegetables, with many dishes based upon the local specialities of focaccia and farinate. As an example, the famous pasta sauce, pesto, comes from this region. With these things in mind, we wanted to offer our tour guests the chance to learn how to prepare this tasty cuisine. Therefore, we are delighted to offer short trips in which you will be guided by professional and award-winning chefs whilst visiting the Cinque Terre area, tasting amazing wines and immersing yourself in the stunning landscape, the people and the language.

Introducing the exclusive and picturesque Lake Garda to future brides and grooms.

Doriatour loves tours that are based near the sea and lakes so we would also like to introduce the exclusive and picturesque Lake Garda to future brides and grooms. Garda is in the Northern part of Italy, an area famous for its diversity of landscape as well as its entertainments. The lake is so big that you can spend a full day, afternoon or evening navigating it and celebrating with your friends. You can luxuriate in thermal waters and relax having a beauty treatment, or have an adrenaline-packed day at a theme park, before ending your day in one of the fashionable night clubs along the lake shore. You will try local food and wine and meet real locals that will help to make your party unforgettable.

On our Guided Tour you will be fully escorted by a friendly, experienced tour manager and guided tour leader.

Our cooking lessons are held by a qualified, professional chef that owns one of the best restaurants in the area.

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