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Doriatour is a family business with generations of travellers  and qualified teachers. Thanks to this background we can show you as much as you want to experience during your journey and make sure that you enjoy the best that this special country has to offer.

We will show you and tell you about the places our family ancestors visited and lived. Andrea Doria was without doubt a fascinating admiral and ‘capitano di ventura’. He used to live in Lerici, near Cinque Terre. We will show his own house and one of the Doria family’s castles in Porto Venere.


We will tell you stories and teach you the secrets of Italy, its locations, its culture, its food, its drinks and its people, starting with our logo: not a compass but ‘la Rosa dei Venti’ (the Rose of the Winds), a nautical tool created during the Medieval period in Spain and widely used for sailing by wind in the Mediterranean Sea.


We all know that Italy has had many Queens and Kings, but not all of us know that, in this beautiful country, you can meet the King of wines, il Barolo. This wine is typical from le Langhe, a vine-draped, hilly area in the Piedmont region. A famous saying about this wine states that it is the ‘Re dei vini e vino dei Re’ (king of wines and wine of the kings). Doriatour will organise a tour in this area in the near future, that is also famous for tartufi (truffles), the University of Wine, for the world famous Nutella and it is the birth place of the slow food movement, as well offering many more attractions. In this area they make their own fresh pasta, tairin (Piemontese for tagliatelle), using forty egg yolks for every kilo of flour.

Out of curiosity. When you are in Italy don’t order toast for breakfast because they will give you two slices of white bread with ham and if you order a latte don’t get upset when you’re given a glass of cold milk. If you order the penne pasta, make sure that you properly double the “n”s.

When you travel with us we will provide you with our own booklet, written by us, with maps of the area you are visiting, cultural information, historical facts as well as suggestions for restaurants, shops, museums, art galleries, Italian classical movies and much more. If you are joining our cooking lesson tour, we will give you all the traditional recipes that you will be preparing and the techniques used in to cooking them, written by our experienced chefs. Our chefs will teach you, during your lessons, different traditional, organic recipes and for the joy of all parents the secrets of how make kids eat vegetables. In doriatour’s booklet you will find interesting facts and the Italian words you’ll need and that will make your time with us all the more enjoyable. If you join us to celebrate your party before your big day, we will make sure that you will be absolutely pampered by our Italian hosts. Leave your worries behind and let us think about everything, starting the moment you arrive. You will find an elegant car waiting to carry you through the Italian streets and among the Italian crazy drivers. We all remember the movie ‘The Italian Job’.

On the day of your departure we will give you a ‘regalo’ (gift) to remind you of your new adventure with us and it will be a special gift made by artisans from the area you just visited.

Doriatour is constantly thinking how to help you to enjoy your holidays and it will design new tours in different areas constantly.


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